Monday, December 28, 2009

Food for Thought: Frank Lloyd Wright

"Colors - in pastel or crayon - or pencils - always a thrill! To this day I love to hold a handful of many colored pencils and open my hand to see them lying loose upon my palm in the light."

Frank Lloyd Wright (American architect)

Announcement: American Frame Alliance Code

The Alliance Code # for the Colored Pencil Society of America Chapter 219 is A479. Thank you for also including your current membership List. I will begin typing your new Code # into all members accounts. We thank you for joining this program and hope you and your Society will find it beneficial.

Best Regards,
Lisa Zook
Alliance Program diretcor

Monday, December 7, 2009

LINK: Interesting Article on Miniatures

What is a miniature painting?
(click on image to link)

Also, a side-by-side comparison PDF of 'miniature' vs. 'small-artwork'

LINK: Interesting Article on Improving Your Artwork

How Do You Improve Your Artwork? posted 30 Nov 2009 - by Karyn
(click on image to link)

…another interesting link: at the end of this article is a link to answer the question, "how do you improve your own artwork," when you click it sends you to a Free ebook about how to draw people from photos ( something lots of us do). The trade off is you need to sign up for the "Artist Daily" message, but that's pretty painless…

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