Thursday, February 26, 2009

Commercial Sharpeners: A Comparison

I recently decided to test a few commercial sharpeners which were all perchased through Dick Blick Artist Materials online.
Pictures below are the three I started with:

Dahle Chubby Pencil Sharpener $2.83
Helix Hand-Held Pencil Sharpener $1.29
Prismacolor Colored Pencil Sharpener $2.68

•As you can see, the Prismacolor Sharpener created the best point. The other two left the left lead with ridges and or cracks. I haven't fully tested any of the over time, so so far I am impressed with the Prima Color - and I was skeptical.

•As for functionality and shape, while the Prismacolor is a sleek space age shape, which great for travel/portability - I feel the fact that both ends 'pop' open could lead to a potential mess if you accidentally open the wrong end without paying attention or it bumps up against something.
•The Helix is pretty standard, and on the large side so you won't have to empty it as often. The twist top guarantees that the top won't accidentally pop off.
•The Dahle Chubby is also on the larger side, but is probably the least practical for portability given it's bulbous shape.

Hope this helps!
from DC219 member, melinda beavers


We HOPE, HOPE, HOPE that you’re already working on some miniatures for MasterWorks. This is the ONLY MAJOR art show in Albuquerque where colored pencil has its very own category. Because we have been successful in getting a minimum of 20 entries juried in (23 in ’06,32 in ’07, 36 in ’08), we can qualify for our own cash awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd, H.M.) Don’t let CPSA 219 down! In the mail, I’m sending each member a prospectus for miniatures. If you don’t get one (or have any questions) call me at 291-5871 of

There is also going to be a miniature workshop during the show. Those of us who’ve taken it have found it quite valuable. Look for it in the prospectus. It’s 3 days for $150 or 1 day for $50 and you MUST signup for Margy O’Brien (Apr. 16). She’s a International-Award-Winning miniaturist who works in Colored Pencil. You’ll get a lot from her!

Friday, February 20, 2009

BEN-O-GRAM: February '09

Hi Folks! We have a GREAT meeting coming!
WHEN: SATURDAY, Feb. 28 at 1:00 PM(after this, we start at NOON).
WHERE: Room 5, Bear Canyon Senior Center.
We’ll be viewing the colored pencil pictures from the last National CPSA Show. What a great opportunity to get ideas for you next artwork. This has always been a highlight program.
*And, if you’ve finished any art trading cards, we have time for some swapping.

KUDOS: Our supermember, Barbara Nahler, is currently showing at The First Unitarian Church, Commanche and Carlisle. She’s one in the two-artist show.
If you’ve not seen her unique work, you just gotta go there! Call the church at 884-1801 for the best times to visit.

LOOKING AHEAD: Start thinking about (and hopefully, working on) what you are going to enter in our upcoming show at The Art Center at Fuller Lodge in Los Alamos in NOVEMBER (not very far away).

See you at the meeting!
Ben Nurry