Monday, September 24, 2012

Request for Program Ideas: 2013

As discussed at our meeting this past Saturday, we are looking for member idea contributions for the 2013 Program Schedule. With your input, perhaps your board can plan things a bit better next year, well in advance!

So, please folks, use the comments section at the bottom of the post to add your thoughts and ideas, and communicate with each other so we can plan the best program possible for next year!

Meeting Recap 9/22/12

 CPSA DC219 just had a another great meeting!
We began with our usual brief meeting - Updates from Prez Jeff:
  • While checking for those in attendance that might be new, we decided we should probably waring name tags! Prez Jeff's going to make sure that's taken care of. ;)
  • The deadline for entering Explore This! 9 is coming up. We had a few prints of the prospectus, but you can also download/view it here.
  • Blog updates: Several members expressed an interest in adding a member gallery to our blog. Melinda will be looking into that and posting a message soon about image specs.
  • Reminder: Our St. Mark's Show is ending, please pick up your work on 9/28 10am – 1pm.
  • Your Board is in the midst of planning our Annual Group Show at The Old School House Gallery in November. We have given the show a name, "Beauty and the Beast" that will encompass an overall theme of "Animals". Details will be posted here on the blog as soon as they are available.
  • We're also planning a Holiday Party for December. It will not be an official group meeting, just an informal get together to celebrate the season. We're exploring ideas for location/venue – please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section (at the bottom of this post)!
  • Our OCTOBER MEETING will be a member-based group activity on mixed media techniques, in preparation for the Explore This! 9 entry deadline on Nov. 15th – as well as our upcoming Schoolhouse Gallery show (Beauty and the Beast). So please remember to bring a project your working on, mixed media materials, and be prepared to share a bit of your process with the group!
  • Our NOVEMBER MEETING is still to-be-determined.


Nancy Wood Taber

Nancy Wood Taber shared a wealth of experience and information with us: how she started back in the day with straight-up graphite and eventually graduated to colored pencil via a special request on a project she was hired to work on. Her work as always been focused on animals and she enjoys exploring Shamanic themes. She explained how her highly detailed work can take days or weeks, depending on how the individual piece "talks to her" and how much time that piece demands that she spend with it. She photographs all her own reference images using her Canon EOS 7D camera (man, what a beautiful piece of technology!). Through her process of blending and using solvents (her solvent of choice is terpenoid), she discovered that paper just wasn't think enough, so she explored working directly on matt board. She now uses Cresent 1607, BRITE WHITE

 Nancy shared a lot of specific tools and some demonstrations with us as well.

Nancy answered a lot of questions as well, she gave us more details on her process, the development of her career, and some snippets on the business side of being an artist.

  • The largest piece she ever worked on was about 24"x28"
  • She prints limited edition giclee prints under 13" on her own printer
  • She has any print larger than 13" producted at Carr Imaging
  • She has traveled all over to sell her wares at various art shows over the years, but recently she's been scaling back on the travel and putting more into her online visibility and a website, creating an online shop to sell her work.
  • As for marketing, she used to advertise in Southwest Art, but even with a group of artists, the expense eventually outweighed the returns.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

REMINDER: Upcoming Meeting (9/22)

One of our favorite colored pencil artists, Nancy Wood Taber, will be the visiting featured artist at our September 22nd meeting. Many of you are already familiar with Nancy's beautiful colored pencil work depicting animals & nature in rich, luminous layers of pigment. Nancy's association with Chapter 219 goes way back -- she was a member when we first started and through the years has been a participant and judge in our local shows. Her work has been shown and honored nationally & internationally and has been the recipient of CPSA awards. To learn more about Nancy and her art visit

Hope to see you on Saturday!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Special Meeting Follow-Up & Prismacolor Information

Images from our Special evening meeting with Shelly Minnis from Primscolor!

8.5" x 11" Color Chart to Print-Out and Fill-In Yourself!

Primscolor's own Lightfast chart

Shelley let us know this product is on HOLD due to a manufacturing change.
They don't know when it will be fixed, but the issue is being addressed.

18 New Premier Prismacolor Pencils

PC 1011 Deco Yellow
PC 1013 Deco Peach
PC 1014 Deco Pink
PC 122 Permanent Red
PC 208 Indathrone Blue
PC118 Cadmium Orange Hue
PC 109 Prussian Green
PC 120 Sap Green Light
PC 289 Grey Green Light
PC 105 Cobalt Turquoise
PC 103 Cerulean Blue
PC 133 Cobalt Blue Hue
PC 140 Eggshell
PC 195 Pomegranate – formerly known as Thio Violet
PC 132 Dioxazine Purple Hue
PC 1035 Neon Yellow
PC 1036 Neon Orange
PC 1038 Neon Pink 

Friday, September 7, 2012

SPECIAL MEETING! (Wednesday - 9/12/2012)

On Wednesday, September 12th, at 7:00 p.m. Prismacolor representative Shelly Minnis will show us the latest in colored pencils! For those members who attended her program two years ago, you know this will be a great meeting and opportunity to learn more about our medium of choice.

Shelly also brings the latest in colored pencils and many samples! I know meetings during the week are tough but this is one meeting you won't want to miss!

Looking forward to seeing you all September 12th, 7:00 p.m. at our new regular meeting place at the Heights Cumberland Presbyterian Church!

Sincerely Your Prez,
Jeff Stephenson
President, CPSA - DC219