Monday, August 31, 2009

Member Suggestion: American Artist Download

Member Betty Lehnus has found another great internet gem for us, a three page pdf from the American Artist website. The document is titled "Faster, Richer Effects with Colored Pencil" and can be downloaded here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MEETING 8/22/09: CANCELLED (Paint-In)

FIRST: Bear Canyon Sr. Center is closed this Sat. for cleaning. So our meeting has been cancelled, no paint-in. Sorry.

SECOND: We're submitting a request for a show at the SOUTH BROADWAY CULTURAL CENTER (It's a GREAT venue) and we need to submit some examples of your artwork to their committee. Deadline is end-of-this-month!
PLEASE send me THREE (3) pictures of your best stuff. ASAP (by TUESDAY - Aug 25)
If you don't have three, send whatever you can. These need not be what you might plan to enter but merely representative of your best. You did such a FANTASTIC job of contributing to our Wooden Cow show. I repeat, PLEASE send your best! I've made arrangements for you to drop off your stuff where I live. (It's very close to Bear Canyon S.C.)
From Montgomery and Morris ( Morris is one light W. of Juat Tabo, one light E. of Eubank)
Turn RIGHT (EAST) on Lagroma de Oro.
Turn LEFT at entrance to La Vida Llena.
Drive up to main entrance. You can leave the car right there,if you just drop your stuff off inside. Leave your photos EITHER at desk to your right or at the window to the left. They're expecting them. Just tell them they're for Ben Nurry.
Any questions? Call me at 291-5871 or And thanx.

THIRD: Here is our slate of officers, etc. for next year:
President: Betty Lehnus
Vice President: Jeff Stephenson
Secretary: Melinda Beavers
Treasurer: Les Lemkin
Program Chair/Venues: Mike Austin.
(He needs a Co-Chair, so please - we need someone to help him fill this all-important job)

FOURTH: We are participating in The Santa Fee Art Materials Fair on SEPT. 17-21. We already have 5 of our members demoing at the Caron D'ache booth during the fair but we need two more: one to spell off Mike on Friday 18 and one to spell off Ben Nurry on Thurs. 18 and/or Sat. 20 . A great chance to promote colored pencil!! (and there may be some opportunity for samples!)
Call me for details or to volunteer: 291-5871


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Member Suggestion: Colored Pencil Newsletter Wet Canvas

Detail from Green by Elen

Hello Chapter 219!
Bettey Lehnus as shared another great link with us from Wet Canvas: Online Living for Artists. They sent out a nice email newsletter focusing on colored pencils, take a look at this link.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Member Suggestion: American Artist

Betty Lehnus has found another informational gem for CPSA Chapter 219; Inside the new issues of American Artist is an article on new papers. Download the full PDF here.