Thursday, October 25, 2012

REMINDER: Upcoming Meeting (10/27)

Hello CPSA 219 Members!

Our October 2012 meeting is nearly upon us. This Saturday, Oct. 27th 12:30-3:00pm, we'll be meeting at the usual place and discussing colored pencil and mixed media techniques in preparation of the upcoming Explore This! 9 submission deadline (Nov. 15th).

This meeting/discussion is very much dependent on member participation, so please come prepared to share your ideas… or go one better and bring works-in-progress to share, and possibly any mixed-media pieces you've completed in the past. Also, bring various supplies & materials so we can all experiment together.

Apologies for the late reminder, our late-year programs have been a bit more difficult to coordinate than usual.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Let us all have a say…

I'm posting a message here to encourage blog commenting. In the past, I had set the comment area to have a verification message, discouraging spam comments. This verification window usually showed jumbled letters and/or numbers that were difficult to read, which I'm sure was discouraging for some of you. Blogger does a pretty good job of recognizing spam comments and hides them for me to delete at a later time – so I've removed the verification process from our comments.

Another obstacle is the "sign-in". You don't have to be signed-in to anything to make a comment. Here are the four options for identifying yourself in the bog comment section:

Google ID – if you have gmail or an account on G+ for example
OpenID – if you have a accounts with either
WordPress, LiveJournal, TypePad or AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)

Name/URL – This allows you to simply type in your own name
and attach a website link to it.
No sign-in required, you can put whatever you want!
You don't even NEED a website – just put in your name!

Anonymous – click this and you can just post a comment,
no strings attached!  However, we would like to know
who is making comments, so if you use this option,
please do type your name at the end of your
message so we know who you are!

If you have any questions about the process, I encourage you to ask them here, in the comments section! If you still can't get it to work, feel free to email me directly with specific questions.

melinda beavers, CPSA
DC 219, Secretary