Monday, January 25, 2010

Member News: 2010 Explore This!

Chapter 219 member, Rex Barron, has done it again, His piece titled Train Dream has been accepted into the 6th CPSA Explore This! Show - Congratulations, Rex!

*click on the image to the left to visit the Explore This! website and review the full list of accepted artists.

Member Suggestion: More to Review

From our president, Betty Lehnus:
Gallery | Icarus Drawing Board
I think the drawing called " 'Popping Art" in the gallery section of this site was in the video from CPSA National we saw at Saturday's meeting -- interesting to see that although it's colored pencil the technique is aided by the warm drawing board . . . another answer to the eternal "how did they do that" question.

*click on the image to visit the artist's website.

Survey Says!

The results are in; we had 18 member survey responses, not too far from 50% of all members:
• A big majority of responders (12) say they have been members for more than 3 years. When asked what they like best about their membership, 12 say “chance to exhibit,” and the rest say “networking with other artists” (8) and “programs” (7).
• Responders are almost equally divided between thinking we have the right number of shows (10) and we have too few shows (9).
• 10 responders say they like gallery shows best and 7 say they prefer shows in public spaces.
• 6 like shows with prizes, 5 like shows without prizes.
Here are the results of the questions about programs:
Best-liked programs: Hands-on vs. presentations w/no ‘doing
• 11 responses for “both”
• 7 for hands-on, and
• 2 for presentations w/no ‘doing
Would like more programs about . . .
• 9 responses for art basics – composition perspective, color etc.
• 8 for “both”
• 6 for programs focused on colored pencil techniques
Interested in . . . programs in descending order of interest with number of responses:
• Burnishing & solvents (15)
• Trying out various papers & other surfaces (14)
• “Slide show” from CPSA national exhibits (13)
• Experimenting with Lines, dry washes, scribbles (12)
• Using digital files to send artwork (12)
• Copyright issues (12)
• “Draw-out”away from Bear-Canyon (10)
• “Draw-in” at Bear Canyon (9)
• Round-robin critique (9)
• Artist’s website info (7)
• Framing (6)
• Artist’s trading cards (3)
• Special request: Ann Jefferies “Faces”

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Of Note: Website deal

Hi all - I just cam across this posting on Twitter. I haven't read all the details, but it looks interesting. 500pencils from Social Designer.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Member Question: Archival Matting/Framing

This question comes from member and President, Betty Lehnus: I have a neighbor who needs to re-mat but not re-frame a watercolor that's a family heirloom; she's asked me where to go and I generally do my own mat cutting & framing so I have no recommendations. Do any of our members have a suggestion?

CHALLENGE: I've noticed that we rarely get comments here on our blog, which is set up to be an ideal forum for discussion - why is that people? I hereby challenge you to post a comment to this question - even if it's to say you have no idea.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Online Article: Fantastic Pencil Sculptures Of Jennifer Maestre

I'm sure many of you have seen forwarded email images of these wonderful pencil sculptures, but there rarely seems to be any information about them or the artist included. Now we can learn a bit more: these sculpture are by artist Jennifer Maestre. Here is a link to an online article for those of you wishing to learn a bit more about her and her work.

See more at the artist's own website.

Thanks to chapter member Rex Barron for suggestion this post.

Member Suggestion: Free e-book from Artist Daily

This little 9 page e-book is worth printing out for the drawings alone: download here.
Betty Lehnus
CPSA Ch.219 President
(you may need to sign-in or create an account with Artist Daily to download).