Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meeting Recap 5/25/13 - Drawing Shiny Surfaces with Mike Austin

Mike Austin did a wonderful job of showing how to create those shiny objects. Mike reminded us we draw what is in a mirror not the mirror itself. Light in objects, like mirror and chrome bumpers can be reflected straight back at us or distorted. He instructed us to make an impressed line for fine work, using a stylist or empty ball point pen cartage, and Mike’s example was his own drawing of a super guitar! Mike reminded us to notice if the objects are convex or concave. He told us the importance of doing a line drawing, and shading in the light areas first on the objects we are trying to draw. We had a wonder chance to put his advice to work too! It was an afternoon of experimenting drawing a chrome tea pot, silver ware or reflections in a mirror! Thank you, Mike, you did a super job!

*A shout out to Linda McKay, who brought permanent name tags for our group. This gives our new members a chance to know all of our names. Also want to thank Midge Kilgour & Philip for representing NM CPSA at the international show in Los Angeles!

  • Congratulations to Jean Thurow, whose work was accepted into the CPSA 2013 International Exhibition! Way to go and thanks for representing NM CPSA!
  • A reception will be held on June 7th (5-8pm) at the Old School House Gallery featuring Betty Luhnus! What a wonderful way to see Betty’s work and catch a cool mountain breeze. 
  • The Pastel convention will be held June 6th – 8th at the Albuquerque Hotel in Old Town. You don’t have to register for the convention to go see what the art venders are showing, it is a great way to pick up paper, brushes, a various art materials, and see what is new from the art suppliers. 
  • I know this is a repeat but have to give a shout out to all of our members who did well at MasterWorks Show last month: Rex Barron, Melinda Beavers, Barbara Nahler, Shirley Levy, Betty Lehuns, Audrey Minard, Midge Tosten Kilgour, Linda McKay, April Radill, and Corrine Armijo Vialpando! How exciting and what an honor to be associated with such a talented group of people!
  • A reminder we have an art show at St Marks on the Mesa. August 29th is the drop off date, and September 27th is the pickup date. 
Jeff Stephenson
President / CPSA – 219 – NM 

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