Friday, November 25, 2011

A Holiday Message from Our President

I look around astounded by the talented artists in our local chapter CPSA-219! Although we will not meet again until January 2012, I look forward to our next show & tell to see your wonderful works of colored pencil art.

We ended this year on a high note with the show at the Old School House Gallery. I hope we do more venues like this in the future to promote colored pencil and show the public our exceptional art. The programs at the monthly meetings are informative with hands-on learning, but the real gift is the open sharing of techniques by members. You are the reason for this organization and “Thank You” for your time & participation at the monthly meetings.

Happy Holidays & see you in January 2012!

Jeff Stephenson, President DC 219


*Please note that our November meeting has been CANCELED due to location complications and the fact that so many of our members will be out of town for the holiday.

*Members who have artwork at the Old School House Gallery: art work at the School House Gallery must be picked up November 27th , 30th or December 1st between 12pm and 6pm.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Old School House Gallery Opening TONIGHT!

Two Receptions In One Trip!

You are invited to the opening receptions for The New Mexico Colored Pencil Society's and a 2-person show featuring new work by V. Adair Peterson and Lois Bradley tomorrow, Friday November 4th from 5-8 pm.

The Colored Pencil Society's show is in the back alcove gallery and features stunningly beautiful work by some of New Mexico's finest colored pencil artists. Come take a look at these unusual, interesting and colorful works of art! The show will hang through the end of November.

The main gallery features an eclectic blend of acrylic, egg tempera, fused glass, watercolor and oil pastel by well-recognized artist V. Adair Peterson and recent Local Treasure honoree Lois Bradley. Adair's egg tempera paintings are known for the luminous, glowing colors which capture the rock formations, landscape and environment of the Southwest. Lois's most recent series, Quilted Landscapes, explores the connection between family and landscape in deeply saturated oil pastel and mixed media.

Come enjoy a glass of cider or wine and mingle with this diverse group of artists! See you then!

Sharon Marks and Lois Bradley
The Old Schoolhouse Gallery
12504 North Highway 14 (1/4 mile north of Frost Road), San Antonito, NM

Monday, October 31, 2011

CPSA DC 219 - Gallery Show!

The announcement from Sharon over at the Old Shool House Gallery went out this weekend - so here's a sneak peek and reminder in case you are not on the gallery email-list:
November is right around the corner and The Old Schoolhouse Gallery has an exciting opening planned for Friday the 4th from 5 to 8pm.  We are proud to host the annual Colored Pencil Society show which will feature new work from some of the most talented local artists.  Come see what they can do with the lowly pencil and paper--you'll be amazed! 
The gallery is also pleased to be showcasing the work of two of our own artists: 
V. Adair Peterson will be showing us what she's recently accomplished in three very different media: fused glass, egg tempera and acrylics.  The spectrum of Adair's work is truly amazing and must be seen "in person" to be fully appreciated!
And last but not least, we will be featuring new work by Lois Bradley.  As many of you may know, in addition to her work as a fine artist and illustrator, Lois is responsible for most of the gallery's marketing efforts, including our website.  Lois was recently celebrated as be "A Local Treasure" by the city of Albuquerque. 
So please come join us for a glass of wine or cider by the fireplace while you peruse the latest work by our local talent!  Hope to see you here!

And don't forget: For anyone that cannot make it up to the gallery for drop-off in person on WEDNESDAY, NOV. 2 Please meet Jeff and Les THIS MORNING at the Einstein Bagel at Tramway and Central - 10am.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Show Promotion: CALL FOR ARTWORK (Digital Images)

Hello CPSA- 219 members,

I am writing to ask for your help promoting our upcoming show at the School House Gallery. The gallery is requesting a few digital images of colored pencil paintings to promote this event. I believe we can show the variety of colored pencil work by submitting a few digital images from the variety of diverse work by our talented members. If you have digital images of your work please submit them as soon as possible to Melinda Beavers: melinda (at) melindabeavers (dot) com

I want to thank everyone for your attendance at the monthly meetings and supporting our efforts in promoting colored pencil art.

CPSA- 219 President
Jeff Stephenson

Monday, October 17, 2011

Upcoming Show: Old School House Gallery, Nov. 2nd

Hello CPSA 219 Members! We have a quickly approaching new show event to prepare for. To the left is the Prospectus and entry form for our upcoming Old School House Gallery show, that will hang for the month of November - all pertinent information is included within this document.

There are three ways to fill out and submit this form:
1) Simply click on the image to the left and link to the PDF version that can be downloaded or printed, fill it out and bring it to our Oct 22nd meeting.

2) Copies of the Prospectus will be available at the Oct 22nd meeting, so bring your information and fill out the form at the meeting.

3) This blog post has been emailed to all members with email addresses, a Word Document version of the entry form is attached to the email - simply open it and either print it out and bring it to the Oct 22nd meeting or complete the form digitally and email it as details within the form instruct, to Les Lamkin.

Some important dates:
OCT 22nd : Our CPSA monthly meeting; All printed & written entry forms MUST BE DELIVERED to board member, Les Lamkin at this meeting. *Also, anyone not available to deliver artwork to the gallery on the set delivery date can bring artwork to this meeting to be collected and delivered to the gallery by board members.

Oct 28th : We must receive all emailed entry forms by this date, in order to prepare labels for the show.

NOV 2nd : Artwork Delivery - 12pm-6pm - Old School House Gallery - 12504 North Highway 14 (1/4 mile north of Frost Road), San Antonito, NM.

NOV 4th : Opening Reception, 5pm-8pm

NOV 27th, 30th, & DEC 1st : Pick-Up artwork from the gallery, between 12pm-6pm

*Special Note:
*Please number and label each piece with its corresponding entry number (ex: Entry #1) on the back of the framed artwork.
Any members with email that know members without email - please share information included here to make sure everyone knows about and is prepared for the event and its details.

Let's make this a super-successful show and annual event!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our New Chapter Brochures

Just wanted to let all our members know that our new chapter brochures have been printed and will be available at our next meeting (Oct 22nd, 2011 -- see sidebar for details).

I would like to thank all our contributing artist members for submitting their work to be featured and help promote our group! Thanks to Audrey Minard, Betty Lehnus, Mike Austin, Rex Barron and Shirley Levy!

We encourage you all to take a few brochures to have on hand to pass out to friends, family and/or acquaintances.

Please be prepared to renew your dues at tour upcoming October meeting as well!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Message from Midge

Our CPSA meeting on Sept 24th was missing many members and we missed you!

Please save the date of Oct. 22nd for our next meeting, 12-3pm - our regular time. The program will be Artist Trading Cards (ATC). I know we had an ATC program previously scheduled before this meeting, but this one will be different.

Please bring your pencils, some blank cards and mixed media. Items will be presented for you to work with but please bring your ideas! Samples will be available also. Let's get ATC going in our area.

Please Note: Save Nov. 19th for a meeting (due to the holiday, BCSC will be closed on our usually scheduled Saturday). Remember we do not have a meeting in December.

See you on Oct. 22nd!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Changes for our Chapter: A note from our New President (Elect)

Dear CPSA - 219 Members,

For those of you who do not already know our President Betty Lehnus, was in the hospital with a serious heart condition. She is out of the hospital at this writing and recovering. Betty has great leadership skills and did more than her part for our local chapter. I wish her a fast recovery and look forward to her return. Melinda made a get well card for Betty and it will be available at the October meeting for all present to sign and add well-wishes to.

Unfortunately, the board has not been in touch with Betty for some time. This showed at the last meeting of our chapter in disorganization and a general lack of information and leadership. In short the board of CPSA was under crisis and it showed. Melinda Beavers, Les Lamkin, and I do regret not being prepared and apologize for lack of dynamic & informative meeting you are use to attending.

I volunteered to take over the position of President, with the support of our existing board and particularly you, our members. We will have the usual e-mail, and a new version of the "Ben O Gram" letter to keep you informed. We look forward to seeing everyone at the October 22nd meeting.

Jeff Stephenson
President Elect

Friday, August 26, 2011

Submissions Needed!

A new chapter brochure is in-progress! But we need membership artwork submissions to help make our new brochure more beautiful and diverse. Please bring a submission to the next meeting and/or contact Chapter Secretary, Melinda Beavers, about sending a digital submission. EMail questions to melinda (at) melindabeavers (dot) com.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Member News: Rex Barron in the 2nd Annual Spectacular Colored Pencil

Rex Barron's piece, My Favorite Outlet, was recently accepted in the "2nd Annual Spectacular Colored Pencil" show in Oklahoma City. Congrats, Rex!

Friday, June 10, 2011

MEETING 5/28/11 - FOLLOW-UP / Pictures

Audrey Minard, Betty Lehnus, Barbara Nahler, Lin McKay

Just a little follow-up to our meeting a couple weeks back… wanted to share some of the photos we got. It was a lovely meeting out at Betty's house in the east mountains and a lovely warm afternoon drawing with yummy snacks and good company. I posted the drawings I completed that day over on my own blog, with a couple reference photos if you want to take a look.

Rex Barron, Lin McKay, Mike Austin

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MEETING 3/26/11 - FOLLOW-UP / Tips Handout

A while back we asked all our chapter members to submit tips and hints and favorite techiques to use while working with colored pencil. Click on the image to link to a dowloadable/printable PDF doc of our compiled list of tips. This is a great asset to our chapter - use it wisely! ;)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sales Event at Daniel Smith (online)

I received an email from Daniel Smith - They are having a 40% off sale until March 7th. However, one needs the code W4TMARCH that goes on the final order screen. Just thought others should know.
from Lin McKay

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MEETING 2/26/11 - FOLLOW-UP / Special Auction Event

Our chapter is proud to offer an extremely special opportunity to its members! We are holding an online silent-auction for one spot at the upcoming Masterwork Miniature Colors Pencil Workshop (full description below)! Members can simply make a bid in the comments section of this blog post, or by emailing me (melinda at melindabeavers dot com) -- make sure to include your name and bid amount! DC 219 will cover the remainder of the workshop fee.

Folks this is an AMAZING opportunity to attend an wonderful workshop by an extraordinary colored pencil artist at a discounted rate!! I also need to mention that we need as many attendees as we can pack in here if we ever want an opportunity this like again in the future! So here's a fantastic opportunity to get in on the action, especially if you were on the fence because of cost.

We opened the bidding at our meeting and leaving it open here on the blog for one week (from today since I am late getting this post up) - so bidding will close at 11:59pm March 8th!!
*please note you must be a current member of CPSA DC219 to be eligible to place a bid.

Workshop description:
Secret Weapons of Colored Pencil Workshop
Presenter: Melissa Miller Nece, CPSA
This workshop is all about colored pencils with an emphasis on using them in miniatures. Ms. Miller is regarded as one of the foremost colored pencil artists in the United States and has been published in national magazines and numerous books.

April: 10, 11 (Sun & Mon) Time: 9:30 am-4:30 pm Cost: $225 (if paid in full before 1/1/11 the cost is $200)
Further information and to register: Lin McKay at 505-294-2935 or email:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MEETING 2/26/11 - Group Critiques

Colored Pencil Meeting this coming Saturday, February 26, 12:00 - 3:00ish at Bear Canyon Senior Center.

Please bring one or more pieces of your Colored Pencil artwork: recently finished or something you're still working on.

We're going to try doing a group "Critique" . . . please remember that "critique" is not "criticism" in the sense of "it's good" or "it's bad." The idea is to look, really look at the artwork and identify some of its features such as, "what is the mood or feeling conveyed," "why do you think the artist created this work," "what do you think it means," "how did the artist create this piece?" It should be both fun and thought-provoking -- and the more pieces we have to look at the better - so please bring artwork. (If you still have the small landscapes we started when we had the session about values, bring them.)

Of course we'll have our ever-popular 50/50 cash drawing, see what's new in the library, talk a bit more about the upcoming Masterworks-miniatures show and much much more . . .

Hope to see you Saturday.

President DC219

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Rive Gauche Art Galleries, 6x6" Miniatures

Rive Gauche Art Galleries, in Scottsdale, Arizona, in association with American Art Collector Magazine and Southwest Art Magazine, will be hosting a Miniature Art Competition and Show this coming March. Works will be limited to a 6”x6” format (image size), and artists can enter up to 3 paintings. The format limitation should make a very interesting display, and attract all sorts of collectors.

We are opening the show to all artists, in all media, and the show will take place during the height of the Scottsdale’s high season, when a maximum of collectors are in town. The jury will award a certain number of prizes, including several cash prizes (first prize is $5,000). We are also hoping to get much coverage from some of our sponsor magazines.

Attached is a prospectus for your review. I would be grateful if you could forward it to all the artists you know, and spread the word. I am hoping that the event will be wildly successful, and that it will give artists much exposure. Please note that we have extended the deadline to February 20th, 2011.

Kindest regards,

Frederic de Claremont, Ph.D.

Rive Gauche Art Galleries

7173 E. Main Street

Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

Click on image below to download PDF.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Meeting Photo Recap: Miniature Requirements Presentation by Lin McCay

This past Saturday we had a great meeting over at the Bear Canoyon Senior Center. Lin McCay joined us to give an excellent and informative presentation about requirements for miniatures in preparation for the upcoming Masterworks show. Her presentation included a LOT of information about framing for miniatures and how miniatures are scored before the judges even see the submitted works.

Here are some of the supplies Lin brought as examples of various approaches to framing and supplies.

What an awesome turnout!