Thursday, September 29, 2011

Changes for our Chapter: A note from our New President (Elect)

Dear CPSA - 219 Members,

For those of you who do not already know our President Betty Lehnus, was in the hospital with a serious heart condition. She is out of the hospital at this writing and recovering. Betty has great leadership skills and did more than her part for our local chapter. I wish her a fast recovery and look forward to her return. Melinda made a get well card for Betty and it will be available at the October meeting for all present to sign and add well-wishes to.

Unfortunately, the board has not been in touch with Betty for some time. This showed at the last meeting of our chapter in disorganization and a general lack of information and leadership. In short the board of CPSA was under crisis and it showed. Melinda Beavers, Les Lamkin, and I do regret not being prepared and apologize for lack of dynamic & informative meeting you are use to attending.

I volunteered to take over the position of President, with the support of our existing board and particularly you, our members. We will have the usual e-mail, and a new version of the "Ben O Gram" letter to keep you informed. We look forward to seeing everyone at the October 22nd meeting.

Jeff Stephenson
President Elect